CMHC commercial mortgage fees

Standard rental housing insurance premiums

Loan to value Purchase / Refinance Construction financing
Up to 65% LTV 1.75% 2.50%
Up to 70% LTV 2.00% 3.00%
Up to 75% LTV 2.50% 3.50%
Up to 80% LTV 3.50% 4.25%
Up to 85% LTV 4.50% 5.25%

Multi unit application fees

No construction Construction
Properties with 5+ units $150 per unit or $100 per bed $200 per unit or bed
For the first 100 units or beds 100 units or beds
After $100 per unit or bed $100 per unit or bed
To a maximum $55,000 per loan $55,000 per loan
Additional fee for CMHC-approved advances Not applicable (two advances are permissible) $350 per advance (beginning with the 3rd advance)
Additional fee for non-residential components when the loan amount relating to non-residential components exceeds $100,000 0.30% of the non-residential loan amount 0.30% of the non-residential loan amount

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